Syria's Signal to the World

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The view from Aleppo.

Photographer: Pablo Tosco/AFP/Getty Images

Lessons From a Dark Year in Syria

Future generations will speak of Aleppo in the same breath as Srebrenica or Kigali, but the Syrian civil war may have even longer-lasting consequences than the genocides of the 1990s, Noah Feldman says: Just consider the message Bashar al-Assad’s victory will send to other human-rights violators.

Trump Has Made Russia America’s Top Foreign Policy Issue

Islamic State remains a menace and China a strategic challenge, but America’s onetime Cold War foe has suddenly become a pressing geostrategic concern. Al Hunt lays out how Donald Trump’s approach could upend a quarter-century of U.S. diplomacy.

How Trump Has Changed the Financial Outlook for 2017

Remember when markets were jittery about the prospect of a Trump presidency? How long ago that seems — and as Mark Whitehouse explains, the current burst of optimism isn’t entirely unwarranted.

Coming Soon: Trump vs. Yellen

On the other hand, it’s a bit inconvenient for an incoming president to inherit an economy as healthy as America’s is now. If the present is a peak and not a trough, who takes the blame when things go downhill? Clive Crook predicts Fed Chair Janet Yellen will be Trump’s chosen scapegoat.

Pokemon Go Just Can’t Catch a Break

The smartphone game is known for hooking users and getting them to walk more. Apparently, it isn’t as great at either as we thought. Virginia Postrel considers what it would take for game designers to rekindle last summer’s Poke-magic.

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