Early Returns

Power Grabs, Rhetoric, Lobbying and Recounts

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Rick Hasen on the power grab in North Carolina.

2. Kara Alaimo at the Monkey Cage on presidential rhetoric and the economy.

3. Charles Stewart III reports some good news: Lines were shorter at the polls this time around. I'm beginning to think I was overly pessimistic about the recent presidential commission dedicated to improving election administration. 

4. Matt Grossmann on lobbying the electors. Informative, although I disagree with just about all of his views here. 

5. Greg Sargent is correct: Congressional Republicans could be constraining Donald Trump's democracy-threatening excesses, but they are choosing not to do so, in part because some of those excesses are standard Republican policy. 

6. Jonathan Chait is correct: Democrats (and others) should fight Trump using "normal" politics. Emulating the anti-democratic strain in the Republican Party is the wrong path. 

7. Kevin Drum on the lessons of the 2016 election

8. Brad DeLong on Trump and economic policy.

9. And Marc Elias on the Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania recounts

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