What Trump and China Get Wrong About Tech

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China and Trump Share a Flawed View of Tech Workers

As countries and companies around the world fiercely compete for tech-industry talent, Adam Minter reminds them that in-demand workers value freedom and openness. (China and the U.S. are about to learn it the hard way.)

A College Comes With a Side of Economic Stimulus

Need more growth? Try building a university. Noah Smith says founding new schools would be an effective way to boost regional economies — just look what Leland Stanford did for California.  

Trump’s Cabinet Gives New Meaning to ‘Power Elite’

The president-elect’s picks meld what were once three separate domains: the economy, the political order and the military. Stephen Mihm says the sociologist C. Wright Mills saw this coming 60 years ago.  

Make America (Measurably) Great Again

If there’s any way to gauge how successful a country is, it’s average life expectancy, which fell in the U.S. for the first time in two decades. President-elect Trump, take note: The Bloomberg View editorial board says this could be an opportunity to make good on a campaign promise.

Obama Should Out Putin’s Wealth as Payback for Hacking

Russia’s cyber-attacks will intensify if the U.S. doesn’t deter them, but retaliation would backfire. Eli Lake has another idea: Obama should disclose as much about the hacks as possible — and declassify dossiers on the Russian president’s shady finances, too.

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