Trends, Vote Splits, Intelligence and Fear

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1. Julia Azari at Vox on research by women that helped make sense of the 2016 elections

2. Josep M. Colomer at the Monkey Cage on the Electoral College. There's some interesting history here, but the two key paragraphs are in which he explains that we cannot predict what would have happened under different rules. 

3. Also at the Monkey Cage: Kim Yi Dionne on corruption in Africa.

4. Good one from FiveThirtyEight's Harry Enten about long-term Electoral College trends. Conclusion: The total vote/Electoral College vote split probably wasn't specific to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but it's too soon to know whether Republicans now have a real Electoral College advantage. That sounds right to me. 

5. Spencer Ackerman on worries within the intelligence community about Trump.

6. Avik Roy makes the case for "repeal and delay." I'm not convinced, but I've linked to enough items knocking repeal and delay and written one myself, so I'm certainly going to encourage everyone to consider the argument for it ...

7. ... while Philip Klein warns Republicans not to accept "repeal in name only." 

8. My Bloomberg View colleague Justin Fox on the backgrounds of National Economic Counsel chairs

9. And Kevin Drum has a wild prediction about terrorism

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