The Country Where Investors Are Fine With Trump

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Chinese Investors Aren’t Afraid of President Trump

The prospect of a U.S.-China trade war may rattle global markets, but Matthew A. Winkler says it hasn’t dimmed investors’ enthusiasm for China’s bellwether companies (or their confidence in the two countries’ symbiotic relationship).

Asia’s Casino Binge

The Asia-Pacific region is brimming with gambling resorts, with some three dozen in Macau and still more in the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam. As Japan considers rolling the dice on casino legalization, the Bloomberg View editorial board urges lawmakers to take a clear look at the saturated market. 

How to Make the U.S. Stock-Market Rally Last

Mohamed A. El-Erian says hopeful sentiment about liquidity, growth and inflation is driving the current bull market — but it won’t be sustainable unless Congress can make uncharacteristically tough policy decisions. 

Three Challenges That Aim to Give Rights to Fetuses

Anti-abortion forces might not win in court, but they’re fighting a vigorous cultural battle across the United States. Noah Feldman reports on “legally questionable” actions in Ohio, Texas and Louisiana that seem designed to change minds before changing the law. 

Democrats Must Go Beyond Mere Opposition to Trump

As the Democratic Party licks its wounds after a disastrous election year, Albert R. Hunt traces its misjudgments back to Hillary Clinton’s muddled presidential announcement video in 2015.

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