Asset Bubbles and the Power of Irrational Thinking

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A Better Theory to Explain Financial Bubbles

The past is no guarantee of future performance, but investors act like it is. Noah Smith explains how a healthy appreciation of human irrationality could help solve an old economic puzzle. 

How Trump Could Cure the Blue-Collar Blues

If the president-elect wants to pressure U.S. companies, he can push them to retrain their workforces -- or, better yet, he could experiment with actual policy. Paula Dwyer lays out a five-step plan that would help all blue-collar workers, not just 730 of them.

New Jersey’s Doldrums Aren’t Just About Christie

Discontent hangs over the land of the shopping mall, and the “Bridgegate” scandal isn’t solely to blame. Garden State native Justin Fox digs deeper and finds a story of economic malaise and suburban flight.

Social Status Alters the Body (Be It Monkey or Human)

Being stuck at the bottom of the pecking order can be hazardous to your health, recent research suggests. Faye Flam examines why — whether you’re a rhesus monkey or a British civil servant — a little respect will do you good. 

So, What Do Your Grandparents Do? And Your Great-Grandparents?

With income mobility more tied to past generations than we ever realized, Megan McArdle says it’s time to start dreaming up new solutions.

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