The Non-Libertarian Case for Floating Cities

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Go Wet, Young Man

The idea seems to have fallen out of fashion in Silicon Valley, but don’t dismiss the idea of establishing human settlements at sea — not because they’d be paradises of personal autonomy, Tyler Cowen says, but because they’d offer new opportunities for companionship.

Manly Men Need to Do More Girly Jobs

Betsey Stevenson argues that if Donald Trump really wants to get the working class back on its feet, he’ll need to recognize that metal-bashing isn’t the future of labor.

Minimum-Wage Foes Tripped Up by Facts

Surveying the economic data from the early ’90s to Seattle’s $15-an-hour experiment in 2015, Barry Ritholtz finds that boosting the floor on pay doesn’t have to cost jobs. 

Mexico and China Are Very Different Trading Partners

One has a healthy relationship with the U.S.; the other’s is spectacularly unbalanced. While both China and Mexico both have long-running trade surpluses with the U.S. for decades, Justin Fox says exaggerating their similarities is dangerous. 


Baseball’s 2018 Free Agents as an Economic Indicator

With 2018 shaping up to be the biggest year for free agency in almost two decades, some extraordinary players are expecting big paychecks — and as Conor Sen explains, that might be a bad sign for the economy as a whole.

Ritholtz’s Reads

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