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The Yale Model, Buffett Wins and Typos

Here are your morning reads.

My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • Michael Lewis’ Portrait of Two Men Who Changed How We Think About Thinking (Bloomberg View)
  • Is the Yale Model Broken? (Chief Investment Officer); see also Why Investors Keep Repeating Their Mistakes (ETF.com)
  • Rationale for Texas’ Largest Corporate Welfare Program was a “Typographical Error” (Texas Observer)
  • Warren Buffett, a Vocal Critic of Donald Trump, Is a Big Winner in Election Rally (Wall Street Journal); see also One Historic Lens Says Trump Stock Market Lovefest Just Starting (Bloomberg)
  • The U.S. Is a Low-Tax Nation (Bloomberg View)
  • Memo to Corporate America: Pay more. Treat people better. (Washington Post); see also Boosting Wages Is Really Hard to Do (Bloomberg View)
  • How The Bizarre Conspiracy Theory Behind “Pizzagate” Was Spread (BuzzFeed)
  • These two stats from the New York Times should give newspapers hope (Poynter); see also Behind the Times’ surge to 2.5 million subscribers (Politico)
  • American football could fall like the gladiators of ancient Rome (New York Post)
  • "His Lies Are Different and Deserve Scrutiny": Stelter Says Trump’s Deceptions Unlike Past Presidents (Mediaite); see also Welcome to the post-truth presidency (Washington Post)

What are you reading?

Where polling failed, Facebook prevailed

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