In Italy, a Vote for the Status Quo

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Don’t Confuse Italy With Brexit or Trump

Sure, it’s tempting to read Italy’s “No” vote Sunday as part of a global wave of populist, anti-establishment feeling. But Therese Raphael argues that Italians threw out a leader while voting to keep their system intact.

The U.S. Is Actually a Low-Tax Nation

Donald Trump has long claimed America is the “highest-taxed nation in the world,” but new OECD data puts that claim to rest. Given a rapidly aging population, Justin Fox wonders: Wouldn’t it make sense for the U.S. to raise taxes?

A Portrait of Two Men Who Changed the World

Barry Ritholtz lauds the new book by Michael Lewis — “poet laureate of the financial world” — about two groundbreaking psychologists and the advent of behavioral economics.

What Trump Didn’t Learn From the Financial Crisis

Rolling back regulations designed to prevent banking disasters would be a mistake, but Noah Smith fears the risk won’t be enough to deter the next president. 

Putin Shows Off Russia’s Embarrassing Aircraft Carrier

Breakdowns, plane crashes and just 25 latrines for 2,000 sailors: These are a few reasons Russia’s only aircraft carrier may be worth more as scrap metal than as a projection of power. Tobin Harshaw takes a hard look at the Admiral Kuznetsov.

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