How to Save the Midwest

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The Rust Belt Needs a Bailout. A Big One.

Protectionism won’t bring back the struggling U.S. region, but another kind of federal intervention would. Conor Sen says the Rust Belt could invest in its future if only the government would fix its public-pension mess. 

In London, Airbnb Surprises By Being Humble

Leonid Berdshidsky sees Airbnb’s surprisingly meek response to an unwelcome city regulation as evidence the sharing economy needs big urban areas more than the other way around.

Mansions Aren’t Such Great Investments

Did you hear that luxury real estate is performing well these days? Don’t believe the hype. Barry Ritholtz lays out why high-end housing isn’t where you want to park your money. 

A Job Is More Than a Paycheck

Economists think of work as just a way to make money, but Noah Smith argues researchers have erred in overlooking how it fosters pride, identity and self-respect.  

Emerging Market Winners and Losers After Trump

Donald Trump’s election is the end of a long party for emerging markets, but some have brighter futures than others. A. Gary Shilling explains why Poland, Malaysia and the Philippines are set to come out ahead of Turkey, Mexico and Egypt.

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