What's Good for Carrier Is Not What's Good for America

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Picking Losers Isn’t Great Industrial Policy

It was an impressive public-relations feat, but Donald Trump’s deal with Carrier won’t do much to advance U.S. manufacturing. Instead of keeping existing jobs in declining fields, Justin Fox says, the country should focus on new industries.

End the Corporate Shell Games

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Leslie Caldwell says there’s a simple way to keep crooks and dirty money out of American financial markets — if Congress wants it.  

What Trump Could Do About Cybersecurity 

Hackers have already infiltrated power grids and financial systems, and cyber-attacks are increasing. Melissa E. Hathaway says the next president must act, and has a three-point plan for how.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up About House Prices

It took 10 years, but the Case-Shiller home price index has finally eclipsed its pre-recession peak. Before you get too excited, Megan McArdle warns that incomes aren’t likely to soar, and lending standards aren’t likely to fall.

Fear of Roma Turned Eastern Europe Against Refugees

Why is anti-refugee sentiment so much stronger in Hungary and Slovakia than it is in Germany or Sweden? Leonid Bershidsky suspects countries that have failed to integrate their largest minority group fear Muslims won’t assimilate, either. 

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