Netflix, Baby Boomers, Populists and Voters

Here are your morning reads.

Welcome to December! Fire up those machines and get ready for the last month of the year with your morning train reads:

  • We Are All Populists Now (Yardeni)
  • The Man Who Invented Libor, the World’s Most Important Number (Bloomberg)
  • Incredibly difficult interview questions asked by top hedge funds (eFinancial); see also How a $60 Billion Fund With Four-Decade Alpha Awaits Trump (Bloomberg)
  • Mnuchin Steals an Idea from Europe (and me): 100-Year Treasurys? (MoneyBeat)
  • How baby boomers became the most selfish generation (Business Insider)
  • Writing Lessons for a Better Life (Collaborative Fund)
  • Netflix finally lets you download shows and movies to watch offline (the Verge)
  • The Unbusy Manifesto: How to slow down, chill out, and live life more intentionally (Quartz)
  • The GOP’s Attack on Voting Rights Was the Most Under-Covered Story of 2016 (the Nation); see also Stop Perpetuating The Myth Of Vote Fraud To Distract From The Reality Of Massive Voter Suppression (Huffington Post)
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year -- People’s Choice (BBC)

What are you reading?

Counties That Changed Party in the Presidential Election

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