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Downward trend.

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Debating What’s Wrong With Macroeconomics

The field once seemed to have answers for all sorts of thorny questions ... and then the financial crisis hit. Mark Buchanan and Noah Smith discuss how macroeconomics can regain intellectual credibility after its recent “spectacular failure.”  

From Peak Oil to Peak Oil Demand in Less Than a Decade 

The industry may worry that a “day of reckoning” is near, but as Justin Fox observes, energy forecasters have a pretty spotty track record. For proof, consider some quaint predictions from the long-forgotten days of 2007.

How Russian Propaganda Really Works in the West

Russian state news organizations infiltrated alternative media while nobody was paying attention, and now their Kremlin-approved product is more influential than ever. As Leonid Bershidsky notes, RT and Sputnik owe their success less to subterfuge, and more to their eager Western viewers. 

The Coming Immigration Clash 

Donald Trump’s election victory was a win for anti-immigration advocates, but a network of pro-immigrant cities, institutions and activists is gearing up for a fight. Francis Wilkinson foresees an epic battle between two forces that refuse to back down.

The Enrollees Who Didn’t Really Need Obamacare

What if nearly half of all new ACA beneficiaries were already eligible for Medicaid? Megan McArdle points to new research suggesting that’s true -- and that repealing Obamacare would be less politically risky than people think.

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