Early Returns

Ignorance, Disapproval, Racism and Democracy

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Ainsley LeSure on racism, democracy and Donald Trump. One of those I think is worth reading even when I don't fully agree -- although I do agree that "racism has always been and will always be a threat to the very existence of American democracy." I think I've only said this on Twitter, not here, but our understanding of Trump's support really does need to accept both that Trump won a nomination and (albeit with only 46 percent of the vote) a general election -- but that at the same time, voters in Louisiana gave David Duke only 3 percent of the vote in his attempt to win a U.S. Senate seat. In other words: LeSure may be correct about about one kind of complexity and the Trump vote, but there's almost certainly some complexity worth exploring here.

2. Brent Sutton at the Monkey Cage on financial regulation and Trump.

3. Jay Rosen on why some (not all!) in the news media are repeatedly taken by Donald Trump.

4. Bloomberg View colleague Noah Feldman on the presidency on Trump's terms

5. Andrew Sprung on ignorance about Medicare (and Obamacare)

6. John Myers at the Los Angeles Times on why it takes so long to count votes in California.

7. And Brad DeLong reminds us of the classical disapproval of democracy -- a view that lasted right up until the Federalist Papers, and even beyond.

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