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A New Era for Cuba

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Not the syllogism they wanted.

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Cuba After Castro

After longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro died on Friday, one question is on everyone’s mind: What’s next? Mac Margolis says Castro’s passing may accelerate Cuba’s more capitalist-friendly “rebranding,” but Tyler Cowen says the country’s economic outlook remains grim. (Offering an example of how much things can change, Leonid Bershidsky recalls Castro’s days as a pop-culture icon for young people in the Soviet Union.)

Taking Power Back From the Economists

Mark Buchanan lauds a new book, “The Econocracy,” for pointing out what should be obvious to policymakers worldwide: Improving people’s lives requires their active participation.

Paleoconservatism Is Back

Free trade is bad, immigration is a threat, nationalism is a bulwark against globalization: Trump may be a new kind of politician, but we’ve heard these ideas before. To find the president-elect’s intellectual antecedents, Stephen Mihm says, just look back to the Republican Party of a century ago.

The Future of Charitable Giving Under Donald Trump

Optimists hope that the next four years will be boom times for U.S. philanthropy, but Albert R. Hunt warns that tax changes that benefit the richest could also shortchange the poorest.

Appeals Court Concludes That IPOs Are Legal

Generally in stock trading, the market is the market: Collusion and manipulation are frowned upon, and the forces of supply and demand rule. But as Matt Levine explains, initial public offerings are an exception — a legal one, but still somewhat askew.

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