Give Thanks for Your Made-in-China iPhone

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An American-Made iPhone? Not Happening.

Months after Donald Trump called for Apple to move its manufacturing operations stateside, the tech giant is reportedly looking into it. But Adam Minter says that when it comes to producing iPhones, the U.S. workforce can’t compete with China’s — and Americans shouldn’t want it to.  

How a Trump Infrastructure Bank Could Soak Taxpayers

Imagine: Taxpayers take the risks; hedge funds reap the returns. Paula Dwyer warns that Donald Trump’s plan to fix America's crumbling infrastructure is an open invitation to waste, fraud and abuse.

Investors Pick the Wrong People to Manage Their Money

The public loves a long record of beating the market, but that doesn’t produce the best returns. Noah Smith explains why investors aren’t choosing funds in a rational way.

A ‘Post-Truth’ Conspiracy for Our Fevered Age

Sex trafficking. Pizza. Social media. In a crazy way, it all fits together. Margaret Carlson shares the sad tale of an ordinary family restaurant that became the unlikely target of political conspiracy theorists.

Bogus Reporting’ May Not Be Protected Speech

Is lying on Facebook any better than shouting “fire” in a crowded theater? Noah Feldman argues fake news poses a real challenge to First Amendment jurisprudence.

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