In German Politics, the Center May Not Hold

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Angela Merkel’s Fourth Election Will Be Her Toughest

The world’s foremost centrist is running for a fourth term, but her electoral victory is far from assured. Leonid Bershidsky says it won’t be enough for the chancellor to remind Germans of the values she stands for — voters also demand a plan.

In Trump Versus China, Everyone Can Win

By raising the specter of an outright trade war, the next U.S. president could be doing the Chinese a favor. Christopher Balding explains how Donald Trump’s tough talk could prompt the government to undertake politically difficult reforms. 

Trump’s Presidency and His Business: Drain That Swamp

The president-elect is set to enter the White House with more potential conflicts of interest than any leader in American history, with new signs of trouble piling up on a near-daily basis. If Trump truly wants to rein in corruption, Timothy L. O’Brien says, he’ll have to start at the top.

Get Ready for Holiday Forecasting Follies

Almost every year, the National Retail Federation predicts holiday shopping sales, and almost every year, the forecast is wrong. Barry Ritholtz calls for skepticism ahead of this (and every) festive season.  

Dallas Is Where the Jobs Are

By just about every metric, the Dallas-Fort Worth region is leading the United States in job creation. Justin Fox examines the reasons employment is booming in north Texas.

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