The U.S. Economy Could Survive a Trade War

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Don’t Bet On a Crash From a Trump Trade War 

Even if the next president were to start a trade war with China, as many analysts fear, some restrictions on imports would do little harm — and there’s even a chance they could help. In fact, Noah Smith says, the main risks from a trade war wouldn’t be economic at all.

Donald Trump’s ‘Mandate’ Is Wishful Thinking

As Republican leaders crow about Trump’s “landslide” victory, Albert R. Hunt offers a reality check: He lost the popular vote by an unprecedented margin (1.5 million and counting) and will enter office with historically low poll numbers. That’s hardly the stuff of a mandate.

Why Washington Loves ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis

Progressive lawmakers and conservative pundits don't agree on much, but they've thrown their support behind James “Mad Dog” Mattis as the next Secretary of Defense -- and so have centrists, GOP wonks, and right-wing populists. Eli Lake explains why foreign-policy types across the political spectrum are putting their disagreements aside to support the retired Marine general. 

Jeff Sessions Is Poised to Be Trump’s Avenger

Regardless of your views on illegal immigration, Francis Wilkinson says, it’s simply vindictive to deport those who were brought to the U.S. as children and grew up culturally American. Unfortunately, there’s every indication Trump’s pick for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions, plans to do just that.

Central Bank Seeks Female Northern Brexiteer

As the Bank of England searches for a new deputy governor, Mark Gilbert urges it to resist appointing yet another “pale, male and stale” economist. Instead, women, Muslims, northerners, entrepreneurs and euroskeptics deserve special consideration.

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