What Trump Means for Macroeconomics

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Even Trump Is a Keynesian

For decades, prominent economists claimed fiscal stimulus didn’t work. The research says otherwise, but as it happens, policymakers weren’t listening anyway. Noah Smith says Donald Trump’s victory is the Keynesians’ ultimate vindication. 

Our Last, Best Chance for Fixing Roads and Refinancing Debt

Interest rates are low but poised to rise. America’s roads and bridges need repairs. The president-elect promised an infrastructure upgrade. And Barry Ritholtz sees an opportunity.

Trump Opens Doors for China in Latin America

A more protectionist America means opportunity for another global giant, as China seeks to expand its “cooperative partnership” with Latin America and the Caribbean. Mac Margolis says Xi Jinping is making the region an offer it can’t afford to refuse.

Turns Out Everything Is Negotiable

Build the wall, drain the swamp, lock her up: Trump made a lot of campaign promises, and he’s already started reneging on them. (In many cases, that’s for the best.) Less than two weeks after his win, Paula Dwyer surveys his many broken vows.

Trading Jobs for Deals in China

JPMorgan Chase’s “Sons & Daughters” program (yes, that was its real name) was a quid pro quo — and an oddly lonely, joyless one. That’s the poignant conclusion Matt Levine draws from the bank’s recent $264 million settlement.  

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