Early Returns

Leaks, Realignments and Getting Shut Out

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Norm Ornstein on what Republican senators need to do now.

2. Dan Galvin at the Monkey Cage on Barack Obama and party building.

3. Drew Linzer on why polling-based forecasts were wrong

4. Dan Drezner on leaks and the Donald Trump administration

5. Julia Azari on what history says about parties shut out of power ...

6. ... while Sean Trende on why the idea of a realignment putting Democrats into a long-term majority was never likely. Yup. Shorter version? Realignment is bunk.

7. Aaron Carroll asks whether "repeal and delay" could wind up being the new "doc fix." Plausible! But not the only plausible outcome. 

8. And Austin Frakt on Obamacare's fixable problems.

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