Holding Gold, Tumbling Tech and Eating Right

Here are your morning reads.

Well, that was a blast. I am back in the saddle with our morning train reads:

  • GOP and Trump put deficit on back burner: Giant infrastructure plan, major tax cut on the agenda -- and so is a huge increase in the debt. (Politico)
  • As markets rally, should you still hold gold? (Financial Times)
  • How Your Brain Decides Without You (Nautilus)
  • Tech Stocks Have Tumbled After the Election -- What Gives? (Marketbeat); see also Donald Trump Victory Casts Clouds Over Fiduciary Rule (Wall Street Journal)
  • What It Will Take to Stop Globalization (Bloomberg View)
  • Big brain projects urged to aid public health (Nature)
  • Selling health insurance across state lines is a favorite GOP "reform." Here’s why it makes no sense. (LA Times)
  • Parents are insisting on doctors who insist on vaccinations (Washington Post)
  • When Elections Never End: How To Stop The Permanent Campaign And Avoid Civil War (Investor’s Business Daily)
  • 12 Rules for Not Getting in Trouble at Katz’s Deli in NYC (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

 Japan’s 10-Year Bond Yield Turns Positive  

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