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The Case for Political Insiders (From One of Them)

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Swamp people?

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In Defense of the Washington Swamp

Donald Trump came to power by bashing the establishment. Eli Lake argues it now may be the country’s last defense.

How to Keep Steve Bannon Out of the White House

The president-elect has chosen a leader of the alt-right for a senior role in his administration. Opponents of Trump need to pick their battles, and Jonathan Bernstein says this is one they should fight.

The Trouble With Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

Conservatives didn’t like Obama’s economic stimulus program. They should like Trump’s even less. Tyler Cowen warns that a GDP boost today will be offset by trouble in the longer term. 

Techs Giants Keep Devouring the Competition

The big five — Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet (Google’s parent) — now account for more than 30 percent of the market capitalization of the Nasdaq, and they keep growing. But Justin Fox says that they could face a threat in the form of the incoming president. 

China’s Rising Prices Are a Sign of Trouble

Demand for Chinese coal and steel isn’t rising. Why are prices? Christopher Balding argues it has almost nothing to do with supply and demand, and trying to control it will likely make it worse.

Latin Americas New Politics Transcend Left and Right

In a region where ex-revolutionaries wear Rolexes, the old ideological categories don’t offer much insight. Mac Margolis says the only way to understand Latin America’s new guard is to leave that tired framework behind. 

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