Obligations, Basics and Fundamentals

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Andrew Sabl at the Monkey Cage on constitutional legitimacy. I don’t disagree with him, but I’d say that the harm done by regular rank-and-file citizens who say the president is not “their” president is quite mild. The big obligations here are on politicians.

2. Elaine Kamarck at Brookings has a little U.S. Government 101 for the new president.

3. Matthew Dickinson argues that the fundamentals got it right on the election. Perhaps. We’ll see what the final vote margin will be -- it’s still growing and most of the millions of remaining ballots will be for Hillary Clinton. I suspect the national polls will wind up being closer than the “fundamentals” forecasts.

4. Katherine Cramer at the Monkey Cage on Wisconsin and the urban/rural divide.

5. Dan Drezner isn’t impressed at the beginnings of the Donald Trump transition. Neither am I.

6. Adrianna McIntyre at the Incidental Economist looks at Republican health-care plans.

7. David Dayen at the New Republic on why the details of any infrastructure bill will be crucial.

8. Adam Serwer at the Atlantic on why the news media isn’t prepared for the Trump presidency.

9. An excellent Twitter thread from Emily Ellsworth about influencing members of Congress based on her experience working on the Hill. Consistent with both academic research on Congress and, for what it’s worth, my own (long ago) experience working there.

10. My Bloomberg View colleague Timothy L. O'Brien on the “conflict-of-interest president.”

11. Anti-Trump Republican Senator Ben Sasse on how conservatives should treat the new president.

12. And Harold Pollack has excellent advice for liberals (and all others) who oppose the incoming president.

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