A Surprising Chinese Response to American Politics

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Time for some positivity.

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An Unlikely Upside to the U.S. Election

To the many unexpected outcomes of the chaotic 2016 campaign, add one more: Many Chinese are touting it as an example to follow. Adam Minter says that in all its bitterness, the election highlighted a freedom that China lacks.

Now Democrats Must Rebuild From the Ashes

It was a devastating election for the Democrats, but the twilight of the Clintons has left room for new stars to emerge. Albert R. Hunt considers the people and strategies likely to dominate a struggling party. 

Why Obama Should Pardon Hillary Clinton

It may sound extreme, but Paula Dwyer says that a presidential pardon would be the only fail-safe way to prevent four years of GOP show trials.

Why Resistance to Strongmen Crumbles So Quickly

Pankaj Mishra sees instructive parallels between the election of Donald Trump in the U.S. and the rise of right-wing nationalist Narendra Modi in India — and warns that liberals can find it all too easy to accommodate a demagogue.

Asia’s Two Giants Still Have Room to Grow

Don’t believe the economic naysayers, Noah Smith says: China and India will power global growth for the foreseeable future, and developed nations should give them plenty of help.

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