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Man of the people.

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How Donald Trump Will Stick It to the Establishment

He ran as a fiery populist, and so naturally he’s going to take aim at the decadent elites — with massive tax cuts. Frank Wilkinson wonders how the corrupt cosmopolitans will like their new vacation homes (and how the lower middle class will respond).

Time to Save the World, Mr. Trump

Meanwhile, a global economic malaise demands radical remedies, and for better or for worse, the American president best-positioned to act. Narayana Kocherlakota considers some realistic ways the Trump administration could help the world escape the low-growth trap.

Silicon Valley’s Secessionist Fever Dream

Some rich Californians want to secede from the United States. So what else is new? Elaine Ou says the campaign reveals why tech titans are so unpopular: They love to experiment with other people’s lives.

Why Science Couldn’t Predict Last Tuesday

Political forecasting doesn’t quite count as a science, but researchers are working on it. Faye Flam examines why pollsters got everything wrong, and how psychologists are trying to get it right. 

A Hush-Hush History of the President’s Daily Brief 

As president-elect, Trump is already receiving the same classified security updates that Barack Obama reads every day. But what’s the story behind the briefs? Tobin Harshaw speaks with former CIA intelligence analyst David Priess about how they came to be, which presidents pored over them, and which ones couldn’t be bothered. (You might be surprised.)

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