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A Glimmer of Hope for Democrats

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Trump Will Be Great for Democrats

Here’s some (rare) good news for a beleaguered party: The next political cycle will bring big gains in the House and in statehouses -- enough that it can gerrymander like Republicans did. Conor Sen explains why the minority party won’t stay that way forever.

What’s Next for U.S. Health Care

Repealing Obamacare would be easy, but replacing it wouldn’t be. Paula Dwyer details how Donald Trump’s plan for selling insurance across state lines could cause a race to the bottom.

A Letter to the Protesters

With anti-Trump protesters pouring into the streets of major American cities for days after the election, Francis Wilkinson warns that blocking traffic won’t block Trump’s agenda -- but concerted political action will. 

China Tries to Conquer Everest

Is a safer Mount Everest a more profitable Mount Everest? China hopes so. Adam Minter reports on the country’s ambitious new plan to commercialize the world’s highest peak.

Japan Shuts Down Its Monetary Lab

As the Bank of Japan signals it can’t hit its 2 percent inflation target alone, an era of bold monetary-policy experimentation is coming to an end. Noah Smith says that if Japan is out of the monetary easing game, other countries will follow.

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