Early Returns

Personnel, Filibusters and Wild Cards

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Lee Drutman at Vox on how Donald Trump may attempt to govern.

2. Elizabeth N. Saunders at the Monkey Cage on Trump and foreign policy. To me, the crucial part of this is the middle section about Trump's personnel. A lot, I think, is riding on this.

3. John Sides at the Monkey Cage on what we learned from the election. I can't include everything from the Monkey Cage, by the way, but there's more there. Check it out.

4. Tom Holbrook takes a look at some of the numbers from the election.

5. Greg Koger on the future of the filibuster.

6. "I think his natural instinct will be to look for some quick symbolic victories to satisfy supporters, and then pursue mass popularity with a lot of government benefits, debt and free-lunch thinking": my Bloomberg View colleague Tyler Cowen on Trump and the economy. I think that's probably a good best guess, but Trump really is a wild card. 

7. Brad DeLong considers three possible paths for Trump in office. I'll add a fourth: What if Trump winds up like Jesse Ventura? Sort of like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but with considerably less competence. 

8. My Bloomberg View colleague Megan McArdle is more pessimistic about Obamacare than I am, but I agree with her about how difficult it will be to actually repeal it. 

9. Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post with another #NeverTrump perspective on Trump

10. More: David Frum on Trump and the Republicans

11. Yet another: Philip Klein at the Washington Examiner on his fears about Trump.

12. And I'm a day late with this, but time for my final voting statistics for the four-year cycle. Nov. 8 was my fourth Election Day of the year, the ninth of the two-year cycle (since November 2014), and the 16th Election Day for me since November 2012. There were 30 items on the ballot. I've now voted 69 times this year, 89 times over the two-year cycle, and cast 221 votes since the 2012 November elections. Way too many, although this particular ballot wasn't all that terrible. 

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