Saving Twitter and the Politics of Rage

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  • Goodbye, Tea Party. Hello, Trump Party (Vice)
  • Do markets really hate uncertainty? Not at all (MarketWatch)
  • Why Greenspan Is Wrong About Bonds (Bloomberg Gadfly); see also Bond Yields Tumble on Trump’s Strong Showing (Wall Street Journal)
  • What investors misunderstand about the politics of rage (Financial Times)
  • "Failure and innovation are inseparable twins": Amazon founder Jeff Bezos offers 7 leadership principles (GeekWire)
  • The Trendiest Investment on Wall Street … That Nobody Knows About (MoneyBeat)
  • Why Twitter Must Be Saved (Stratechery)
  • After This Election, Can the Media Recover? (New York Times); see also There Are Many Ways to Map Election Results. We’ve Tried Most of Them. (the Upshot)
  • Who Wrote That Ballot Measure You’re Voting On? (Slate)
  • I’m With Saturn (Slate)

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How Investors React to Elections

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