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Fears and Hopes for a President Trump

The dust is still settling, but one thing is clear: Donald Trump pulled off a stunning presidential victory, shocking observers and thrilling his fans. But will Trump be the disaster for democracy his critics feared? Jonathan Bernstein says it’ll all depend on whether Republicans can rein him in. 

Demography Slays the Democrats

Meanwhile, the GOP didn’t just take the White House -- it kept control of the House and Senate, and will likely reshape the Supreme Court. Democrats found they can’t just wait for the passage of time to deliver millions of new voters, and Francis Wilkinson says an aggressive new class politics may come next. 

Trump’s Victory Proves the U.S. Is Unexceptional

Maybe the election didn’t strike a blow to democracy, but it did shatter Americans’ illusions of being unique on the world stage. Leonid Bershidsky argues that Trump’s winning strategy came straight from successful Eastern European politicians’ playbook.

Trump Didn’t Win Because of Racism

There were a lot of factors behind Trump’s shocking victory, but perhaps one has gotten too much attention: bigotry. Ramesh Ponnuru argues that charges of widespread racism are overblown.

A President Whose Guide to Team Building Is Instinct

Most Republican presidents fill their cabinets with experts from previous governments -- but not Trump, who has few connections to prior administrations. Albert R. Hunt considers how the outsider president-elect might elevate his inner circle.

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