Facebook, Democracy and the Election Countdown

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The last 24 hours! Get prepped with our morning train reads:

• Trump-Clinton Hack Reveals Wall Street’s Secrets (Bloomberg View)

• China’s Debt Addiction Could Lead to a Financial Crisis (Barron’s)

• Money Management Gospel of Yale’s Endowment Guru (New York Times)

• Rise of the algos rattles commodity traders (Financial Times)

• How Big Data Is Creating a Detailed Picture of U.S. Earnings (WSJ)

• Facebook is harming our democracy, and Mark Zuckerberg needs to do something about it (Vox)

• An Interview With the Founder of PolitiFact, During a Season of Distorted Reality (Pacific Standard)

• Pain, anger and fear: US voters deprived of a serious presidential election (The Guardian)

• How You Can Find the Good in a Nasty Election Cycle (DailyGood)

• Here’s why daylight saving time isn’t worth the trouble it causes  (TheConversation)

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wage growth

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