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Three Simple Messages From the U.S. Employment Data

Wages are rising and so is employment, according to the jobs report released Friday. Mohamed El-Erian explains what the last update before the election means for the economy, the Fed and markets. 

Looking to Hire Somebody? Skip the Interview

Research shows job interviews offer surprisingly little value for employers — in fact, there’s evidence they lead managers to make worse hiring decisions. Cass Sunstein considers why so many companies won’t give up the time-wasting exercise.

Trolls Are Crippling Twitter

Twitter loses money despite bringing in a lot of revenue, and its user growth has slowed to a trickle. What gives? Noah Smith says the problem is baked into the social network: It’s the ideal platform for being an online jerk.

The Most Important Fact About Trump

Amid waves of stories about about Donald Trump’s bullying, bigotry, tax dodges and temper, one central point has been lost: Republican Party elites still really don’t like him. Jonathan Bernstein takes stock of an underappreciated schism. 

This Bull Market Has Room to Run

Good news for your portfolios, courtesy of Barry Ritholtz: Many conditions are in place for long-term gains in stocks.

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