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Breaking Curses and Channeling Steve Jobs

Here are your Friday morning reads.

Finish the week strong with the finest morning train reads in the land:

• Authorities Break Up Active Management Cell (Reformed Broker)

•  Bernanke: Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan (Brookings)

• Bond Traders Aren’t Worried About the Election; Should We Listen to Them? (Moneybeatsee also How the Labor Dept. Keeps Its Economic Data Politics-Free (New York Times)

• Gold Might Be Shiny But Base Metals Look Brighter! (All Star Charts)

• Tech Jobs, Cheaper Housing: The New Silicon Cities (Wall Street Journal)

• Slack channels Steve Jobs when calling out Microsoft (Vice) but see Why Slack may live to regret its smarmy letter to Microsoft (Verge)

• The Breaker of Curses: No one is as good at their job as baseball’s Theo Epstein is at his (Quartz)

• Otto’s Self-Driving Trucks, Autonomous Budweiser Delivery (Trucks.com)

• That viral 2014 Cubs World Series tweet seems too good to be true. That’s because it is (Voxsee also How to Flawlessly Predict Anything on the Internet (Medium)

• 2017 Porsche Panamera First Drive: The Brand’s Best Sedan Yet (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?

Investor Attitudes and Allocation Plans 

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