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Dividend Frenzy Cools as Bond Yields Rise

Here are your Thursday morning reads.

Congrats Chicago! Recover with our extra-innings morning train reads:

• Relax! The U.S. recovery is just getting started (Bloomberg View)

• Dividend frenzy starts to cool down: Increasing bond yields make dividend-paying equities less attractive to investors seeking steady payments (Wall Street Journal)

• Why smart people make bad decisions (Collaborative Fundsee also A case study in investing objectivity (Bloomberg View)

• Alpha wounds: Lack of independent judgment (CFA Institute)

• The baffling history of Tronc (Bloomberg Businessweek)

• Renewables overtake coal as world’s largest source of power capacity: Though coal still generates more electricity, wind and solar installations hit record (Financial Times)

• Apple should buy Netflix (Stratechery)

• How the internet is loosening our grip on the truth (New York Timesbut see Fact-checking doesn’t ‘backfire,’ new study suggests (Poynter)

• Why polling swings are often mirages (RealClearPolitics)

• The 2016 presidential election: A devil’s glossary (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?

Kansas is still bleeding thanks to Tea Party economics


Source: Los Angeles Times Business

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