Let's face it: Youll want fries with that.

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America Still Hasn’t Reached Peak Fast Food

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Chain Restaurants Are the Future of Food

“Artisanal” and “local” may be today’s foodie buzzwords, but fast-food joints will dominate tomorrow’s dining landscape. As Megan McArdle explains, it comes down to simple math: As labor costs rise, economies of scale are crucial.

The Moral Foundations of Trumpism

Donald Trump isn’t just a political force; he’s a symbol of the moral relativism sweeping conservative America. Francis Wilkinson examines how the party of values came to be led by a man who undermines almost all of them.

What Hillary Clinton Could Learn From Angela Merkel

There are striking similarities between the two politicians, but the German chancellor has avoided many of the Democratic nominee’s mistakes. Leonid Bershidsky says Merkel offers a lesson in how to remain personally popular while making tough political decisions.

Relax! The U.S. Recovery Is Just Getting Started

The end of the last downturn was more like coming out of a depression than starting an expansion, which may explain why the economy feels so anemic now. But with the housing market still awakening from a long lull, Conor Sen sees reason to expect more improvement.

Your First-Amendment Right to Flip the Bird

Great news for Philly sports fans: Giving someone the finger is constitutionally protected speech, according to a Pennsylvania court. Noah Feldman says the ruling raises intriguing questions about what counts as obscenity in the internet age.

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