The Free Shipping You Love Is a Lie

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Six days to go -- make the midweek flip turn with the world's finest morning train reads:

  • Asset Bubbles From Stocks to Bonds to Iron Ore Threaten China (Wall Street Journalbut see Nine Charts That Show China's Economy Is On A Tear (Bloomberg)
  • Free Shipping Is A Lie: Free shipping is a top priority for online shoppers, but many merchants are struggling to keep up with the costs. (Fast Company)
  • Corporate bond market set for record year of debt issuance (Financial Times)
  • Why Investors Must Be Contrarians to Outperform The Market (25iq)
  • How Spotify Can Tear Up the Music Biz (Bloomberg Gadfly)
  • Every political reporter’s campaign tech article ever (Medium)
  • There Are Many Ways to Map Election Results. We’ve Tried Most of Them. (Upshot)
  • In Iraq, the environment itself has become a weapon of war -- again (Vox)
  • A Poker Champ Identifies Clinton and Trump's Tells (Esquire)
  • 4 of the biggest myths about voter fraud, debunked (Daily Dot)

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China's factories consider the unthinkable: price hikes

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