Fear of Failure and Japan’s Entrepreneur Gap

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Japan Might Be Too Scared of Failure to Succeed

The total value of venture capital deals completed in Japan was just $800 million last year, according to Ernst & Young -- about one-third the amount in Israel and one-ninetieth the sum  in America. Michael Schuman warns that outdated business practices and misguided policies are preventing the “creative destruction” needed to revitalize the country’s economy.  

Global Warming Is Already Making Americans Move

Climate displacement is real, and it’s hitting people in public housing first. Christopher Flavelle reports that across the country, low-income residents are bearing the brunt of natural disasters and rising seas.

The TPP Is Exciting. Let’s Make a Case for It

The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s virtues don't make good sound bites, but still, they’re compelling. Tyler Cowen argues that advocates must explain clearly why they stand for building a better American dream.

Sending Your Bills to the Government Is Silly, Not Criminal

A Colorado man sent his wife’s student-loan bill to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, along with a polite note thanking the agency for payment. Now, he faces up to 25 years in prison on fraud charges. Noah Feldman slams the case as an abuse of power designed to silence political protest.

The Stock Market Has a Favorite in the Election

Investors normally seem to prefer Republican presidents, but this year, there’s strong evidence they want Hillary Clinton to win. Noah Smith offers two hypotheses about how and why the election is moving markets. 

Tough(ish) Times for the People of Washington, D.C.

For residents of the capital, this election is about jobs: government jobs. And if history is any guide, Justin Fox says, out-of-work Washingtonians might be happier under a Republican administration.

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