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Making Sense of the Rio Election

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Rio de Janeiro’s Politics Are Less Than Divine

Former preacher Marcelo Crivella, a devotee of Pentecostalism, handily beat socialist Marcelo Freixo to become the fold’s first big-city mayor this weekend. But Mac Margolis reports that despite Crivella’s sizeable margin of victory, the contest to lead Brazil’s largest metropolis came down to a sectarian battle for souls.

Two Reasons the U.S. and Mexico Rise Together

Although both countries’ economies are growing stronger, America’s populist politicians have been remarkably silent about free-trade’s success stories. Matthew Winkler points to two flourishing Mexican companies that are contributing to the U.S. expansion.

North Carolina Is the Real Bellwether State

As progressives and conservatives wage an epic battle for an open Senate seat (not to mention the presidency), Albert R. Hunt notes that politicians across the country are keeping their eyes on the Tar Heel State. 

FBI Director Feeds Election Mistrust

In trying to appease political rage and paranoia, FBI Director James Comey only made it worse. Francis Wilkinson considers the irony of the ultimate establishment man whose actions in the Clinton e-mail saga further undermined America’s faith in the establishment. 

Las Vegas Bookmakers Pine for a Piece of the Election

Wagers on political races aren’t allowed in the U.S., but Nevada’s gaming industry sees a potential blockbuster. Leonid Bershidsky offers a dispatch from America’s swingingest swing state, where political betting could become a $100 million industry ... if only politicians would let it.

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