Early Returns

Irrational Voters and Dangerous Minds

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Michael McDonald continues to be the go-to source for updates on early voting.

2. Andrew Gelman at the Monkey Cage updates his views on irrational voters -- after looking at the latest research on voting and shark attacks

3. Lynn Vavreck at the Upshot on the viva voce advertising style

4. Matthew Dickinson on the latest e-mail flap and the polls. I don't quite agree with him that the race was certain to get closer at the end; the split among Republican elites makes this election different. Overall, however, a good read of where we are.

5. And Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog why Donald Trump's supporters won't succeed in voting multiple times in Colorado. It's not clear that's what Trump had in mind; either way, it sure seems to me that the results of telling his supporters in a vote-by-mail state (with, by the way, a Republican in charge of administering elections) that vote-by-mail can't be trusted will be to discourage Trump voters from voting. No, it doesn't make sense that he would do that. Score another point for "doesn't know what he's doing" over "sinister fascist plot." Unfortunately, "doesn't know what he's doing" may be as dangerous or more. 

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