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Keeping the Internet Free Might Get Very Expensive

The web is safe and costs almost nothing to use, but that might not last for long. Noah Smith warns that a new era of cybercrooks aided by artificial intelligence could change the economic equation.

My Second Thoughts on Universal Basic Income

Tyler Cowen once supported guaranteed government stipends for all citizens, but as the movement has picked up steam, his doubts are piling up.

The Republican Civil War Is Clinton’s to Win

Even if Donald Trump loses next month’s election — and he very likely will — he won’t quit battling for the soul of the GOP. (As one Trump staffer said recently: “We own the future of the Republican Party.”) Francis Wilkinson expects the coming fracas will deliver old-school conservatives into Democrats’ welcoming arms.

Four Steps to Save American Politics

Even before Trump, the unwritten rules of governance were eroding. Cass Sunstein suggests a handful of strategies that could help reverse the slide.

Bring the Right Wing Into Mainstream Media

If traditional journalists are so concerned about the rise of partisan media, why don’t they hire more conservatives? Megan McArdle says ideological diversity pays for publishers and readers alike.

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