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A World of Hurt for the Global Economy

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The World’s Policy Makers Are Out of Options

Satyajit Das has grim news for elected officials, central bankers and everyone else: In trying to forestall the pain of the 2008 recession, leaders created an even worse problem. Now a long period of stagnation is inevitable, and there’s not much anyone can do. 

Globalization Goes Into Reverse

It might not be obvious, judging from the rhetoric in the U.S. presidential election, but international trade, capital flows, and immigration have all slowed or declined in recent years. Noah Smith credits the Great Recession, not the protesters.

The Manufacturing Productivity Myth

U.S. factories are getting by with fewer workers, but they’re hardly hotbeds of innovation. Justin Fox says the sector’s recent productivity gains are a sign of managed decline, not a bold step into the future.

Other Employers Will Soon Feel Restaurants’ Pain

What happens if labor costs go up but you can’t raise prices? Chances are, your favorite eatery is finding out right now — and Conor Sen says other companies will likely follow.

Lawyers’ Fear of Trump Proves Their Point About Bullies

In one of the more ironic stories of 2016, American Bar Association commissioned a report about Donald Trump’s frequent threats to sue the press — then refused to publish it, in part because they feared he would sue. Noah Feldman says the episode proves a point about libel law: Just the threat of a suit can chill free speech. 

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