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An Economic-Data Disappearing Act 

File under “It’s not bad news if you don’t publicize it”: Kansas Governor Sam Brownback canceled the regular economic update that was supposed to show how the state’s tax cuts had helped growth. (Surprise: They seem to have backfired.) Barry Ritholtz says it’ll take drastic measures to undo the harm.

Time Warner’s Boss Wants Out of Cable. Should You?

There are a lot of ways to look at the massive AT&T-Time Warner tie-up, and here’s one: A smart guy wants to sell. If unsentimental media mogul Jeff Bewkes wants out, Justin Fox says, it could mean the cable networks’ best days are behind them.

Mergers Raise Prices, Not Efficiency

In other M&A news, new research suggests the main argument for letting big companies combine isn’t supported by the data. Noah Smith says that’s bad news for consumers, and for the economy in general.

Apple Has Designs on Stifling Innovation

Design-patent law may seem esoteric, but it has significant consequences for innovation. Scott Duke Kominers explains why a Supreme Court case about smartphones — based on century-old law — could help trolls and hurt the rest of us.

Bollywood Jingoism Rebounds Against India

Amid high tensions over Kashmir, Indian nationalists are pushing to keep Pakistani actors and technicians out the country’s film industry. Nisid Hajari warns that the high-profile campaign will only serve to reinforce mutual distrust.  

The Clinton-Ryan Corporate-Tax Compromise

Could a Democratic president and a Republican speaker of the House accomplish anything together? Looking to 2017, Paula Dwyer sees an opportunity.

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