Millennials, right this way.

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Young Adults Can Do Without Democracy

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Why Millennials Don’t Have Faith in Democracy

Americans born in the 1980s are less convinced that democracy is “essential” than older generations are, according to the multi-decade World Values Study. Leonid Bershidsky suspects the system isn’t meritocratic enough for the Facebook generation -- but the Sanders movement offers reason for optimism.

What Next for the U.S. and Philippines? 

That’s the question on Asia-watchers’ minds after volatile Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte dramatically announced his country’s “separation from the U.S. last week. The Bloomberg View editorial board says the snub poses little threat to the Philippines’ long relationship with the former colonial power, but Eli Lake notes it’s a blow to Obama’s pivot to Asia. 

India’s Dangerous Investment Gap

Private investors aren’t pouring money into India, and the government is struggling to boost confidence. But Mihir Sharma warns that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strategy of ramping up public spending won’t help, and may well hurt. 

The Pirates Who Stole Netflix

In the early modern era, European powers’ inability to secure their shipping routes led hundreds of thousands of sailors to seek lucrative careers as pirates. Elaine Ou says Friday’s mass internet disruption suggests today’s hackers are taking a similar approach.

House Republicans Wage War on Medical Research

A panel formed to investigate Planned Parenthood has only held two hearings since it was created a year ago, but scientists say it has already had a chilling on medical research. Albert R. Hunt says that if the right wants to get back in the political mainstream, it should end its unwarranted campaign against fetal tissue science. 

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