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A Lesson for Trump on Not Winning

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Their Next Faceoff: Nov. 8

The final presidential debate, like the two before it, wasn't much of a test for Hillary Clinton, who Jonathan Bernstein says never had to address tough issues. (Her opponent's allegations about state secrets melted into hypocrisy, Eli Lake writes. And Noah Feldman sees her response on gun policy as a whiff.) The toughest question Donald Trump faced was whether he would concede -- either like Andrew Jackson or like Richard Nixon. To not affirm that he will accept the outcome of the election ... that's disqualifying, according to the Bloomberg View editorial board.

No, U.S. Manufacturing Isn't Really Booming

As much as wonky economics writers want to look on the bright side, U.S. manufacturing output is far from robust. To understand why numbers deceive, Justin Fox takes a closer look at the figures for computers and electronic equipment.

This Needs Saying: Helping Retirement Savers Isn't Like Slavery

Trump adviser Anthony Scaramucci got plenty of pushback Wednesday for saying the Labor Department's new fiduciary rule is "like the Dred Scott decision," the infamous 1857 Supreme Court case which held that African Americans are not U.S. citizens. But Barry Ritholtz says the financier's poorly chosen aren't the only thing wrong with his comments. 

Climate Change Means Moving. Just Don't Say 'Retreat.'

Bad news for residents of Boston, New York and Washington DC: Sea levels are rising in the American northeast faster than almost anywhere in the world. Christopher Flavelle speaks with sociologist Karen O'Neill about what to expect from the coming wave of climate migration. 

Mess With Central-Bank Independence at Your Peril

Mark Gilbert offers a helpful hint to his compatriot William Hague, last seen in the pages of the Daily Telegraph calling for central bankers to "raise interest rates or face their doom": Politicians who do little to aid the economy shouldn't bully the people actually running monetary policy. 

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