Early Returns

Term Limits and What the People Really Want

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Very good item from Jennifer Victor on one reason elections don’t actually reveal the preferences of majorities. I’d just add an equally important reason: For most policies, most of us don’t actually have preferences at all. At Vox.

2. Donald Trump is now pushing for term limits. It’s a good way to increase the influence of lobbyists and executive-branch bureaucrats at the expense of, well, voters and their representatives. Lee Drutman at Vox has the argument.

3. John Sides and Eric McGhee run the numbers and predict modest Democratic gains in the House -- unless Hillary Clinton’s lead grows quite a bit bigger.

4. Melissa Michelson and Ali A. Valenzuela at the Monkey Cage on the Latino vote.

5. Laura Bassett at the Huffington Post on how painful the Trumpified campaign can be for some women.

6. And my Bloomberg View colleague Megan McArdle on the lousy choices newspapers have.

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