The Dangers to Our Democracy

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Shawn Bowler at Vox on the dangers sore losers pose to democracy.

2. Rick Hasen on how dangerous Donald Trump’s myth-making about supposedly “rigged” elections can be -- and why Republican elites should step up now (as some have) to correct it.

3. Doug Chapin and Lawrence R. Jacobs explain that U.S. elections are, in fact, administered fairly.

4. Seth Masket on Paul Ryan’s responsibility to defend democracy (note that Ryan did finally release a statement over the weekend defending the integrity of U.S. elections).

5. Jessica Green at the Monkey Cage on efforts to curb airplane emissions.

6. I don’t think I’m even as pessimistic about the Republican Party as Philip Klein, who argues that the sexual assault tape and other accusations would not have stopped Trump’s nomination had they been public then. After all, Trump didn’t really win by a very large margin. But Klein may be correct. Plausible, and depressing.

7. Greg Sargent on the new Democratic shift to blaming Republicans for Trump.

8. Josh Barro at Business Insider on leaving the Republican Party and becoming a Democrat.

9. And the Arizona Republic responds: Mi-Ai Parrish writes for a proud newspaper.

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