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In India, Nationalism Is a Hot Commodity

Unlikely tycoon Baba Ramdev helped popularize yoga in its country of origin, and now, with his Patanjali brand of “traditional” cosmetics and foods, he's leading a new wave of jingoistic marketing. As Indian consumers increasingly assert their identity with “herbal” and “ayurvedic” products — and scorn imported goods — Mihir Sharma says multinationals are struggling to keep up.  

U.S. Lawyers Fret as the Saudis Bomb

Americans could be held liable for war crimes in Yemen because of arms sales, and that has State Department attorneys very, very worried. Noah Feldman lays out the legal stakes.

Don’t Be So Sure the Big Tech Breakthroughs Are Behind Us

Pessimists fear that the inventions of tomorrow won’t be as world-changing as today’s, but Noah Smith says advances in machine learning could transform white-collar professions and the economy as a whole.

What Young Republican Women Think of Trump

Donald Trump is “inappropriate.” “Gross.” “Disgusting.” And that’s coming from his supporters! But as the women of the New York Young Republican Club tell Francis Barry, their contempt won’t prevent them from voting for him. 

Five Books to Open Liberals’ Minds

If you're a Democrat and want to understand how conservatives see the world, Cass Sunstein has a epistemic-closure-fighting reading list for you. 

Ritholtz’s Reads

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  • Millennials aren’t big spenders or risk takers, and that’s going to reshape the economy (L.A. Times)
  • My first Gulfstream: A top entrepreneur joins the elite fraternity of private-jet owners. Sixteen months, $12 million, and thousands of F.A.A. regulations later, he assesses the ride. (Vanity Fair)

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