Early Returns

Blame Games, Gender Dynamics and Big Drama

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

1. Several scholars on gender dynamics in Sunday's presidential town-hall debate.

2. John Sides at the Monkey Cage on public opinion about Christopher Columbus.

3. Dan Drezner on Donald Trump and democracy.

4. My Bloomberg View colleague Albert R. Hunt on the Republicans who are to blame for 2016.  

5. Rebecca Traister on Trump, Republicans and misogyny.

6. At the New York Times, David Leonhardt on Trump’s second debate.

7. Digby reminds us that Trump had been preparing for his threat to jail Hillary Clinton for a long time.  

8. Matt Yglesias on Trump's ignorance

9. And Brian Beutler argues for the inherent drama in a presidential race blowout. Not a bad case, but the media norm for acting as if it’s close is very strong. Usually, at least. This year? Who knows.

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