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Take a Deep Breath, America

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A Normal Debate, Except for the Threat of Jail

It was a shocking moment in U.S. political history: One major-party presidential candidate pledged, on national TV, to “jail” his opponent if elected. But Sunday night’s debate was anything but ordinary. Jonathan Bernstein says Trump’s radical threats overshadowed everything even remotely normal about the event, while Noah Feldman warns that politically driven prosecutions are a hallmark of dictatorships. 

Puzzled About Republicans and Trump? Game Theory Helps

One leaked video of Donald Trump seems to have accomplished what months of his lies and racial scapegoating could not: It’s sent establishment Republicans screaming away from their presidential candidate. What took so long? Tyler Cowen says that with GOP leaders, as with North Korean generals, one person won’t rebel until everyone else does. 

Clinton’s Turnout Machine Could Prove Decisive

Even before Trump’s vulgar comments came to light, Democrats had an advantage from registration and early-voting trends. Albert R. Hunt says it could be difficult for Republicans to overcome the Clinton campaign’s get-out-the-vote efforts.

The Evangelical Civil War

It’s been a long time since Christian conservatives were a strong, unified force in American politics, and the rise of Donald Trump has further divided the religious right. Francis Wilkinson speaks with Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s public policy division, about growing generational, political and theological fault lines.

Age Discrimination Gets the Court’s Blessing

A federal appeal court overturned a half-century of practice last week, ruling that age-discrimination protections apply only to workers, not job applicants. Noah Feldman says the decision was a victory for literalism but a defeat for logic and common sense, and urges the Supreme Court to take action.

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