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Upgrading America's 'Third-World' Airports

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Why Are American Airports So Awful?

Weak investment and skewed incentives have taken a toll, Adam Minter says, but the real culprit is geography. 

Yesterday’s Antitrust Laws Can’t Solve Today’s Problems

Hillary Clinton says monopoly power is growing, and she may very well be right. But as Tyler Cowen argues, she’s got the wrong idea about how to stop it.

Trump and Pence Play Good Cop, Bad Cop on Putin

The Republican duo seems split on Russia’s president, with Donald Trump praising him as “very much of a leader” last month and Mike Pence criticizing him as “small and bullying” this month. But Leonid Bershidsky says the running mates’ apparent divide isn’t so wide, and could produce a coherent policy.

Democrats Keep Quiet on Voting Reforms

Of the 20 Democratic candidates likely to become new Senators and governors in November, only six care about voting rights enough to put it on their websites. Jonathan Bernstein worries that an obsession with Citizens United is diverting the party from a more urgent goal.

Saad Almasmari’s American Dream Is Alive and Well

Seven years after arriving in Michigan from Yemen, a 29-year-old city councilman sees a bright future for Muslim Americans like himself. Francis Wilkinson sends a dispatch from the working-class city of Hamtramck, Michigan, where more than 40 percent of residents are foreign-born.

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