The Psychology of Stagnant Wages

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Why Recession Pay Outlasted the Recession

Demand for workers outpaces supply, but employers’ thinking hasn't caught up yet (and accordingly, neither have salaries). To understand why, Conor Sen examines a similar dynamic from the days of the housing bubble. 

Why Americans Feel Poor, in One Chart

Encapsulating a history of U.S. prosperity in a single image, Narayana Kocherlakota shows that what matters most is output -- weak, weak output. 

Two Qualified Candidates, One Uninspiring Debate

Tuesday night’s vice-presidential matchup offered few surprises, Jonathan Bernstein says, with Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine trading barbs and well-prepared soundbites, and presenting themselves as normal politicians in a decidedly abnormal age.

Sports Television May Have Peaked 

Bad news for ESPN: Whether it's baseball, football, Nascar or golf, American fans just aren’t tuning in like they used to. Justin Fox suggests that after a lag, the forces that disrupted the rest of the entertainment industry are finally catching up with the sports business.

Meet the Machines That Know What’s Funny

Algorithms can now predict what jokes you’ll like (and do a better job than your friends will). Cass Sunstein examines the practical applications beyond, say, automating late-night talk-show hosts. 

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